Česká republika očima studentky z Thajska

Hello everybody! I’m Tien – an exchange student from Thailand. I’m studying  in 3A class. In my family there are four people. My dad is an executive director of Sony in Thailand. My mom is a professional nurse and my older sister is an architect. I chose the Czech Republic because it’s a beautiful place, peaceful and I had seen the picture from Prague these were all the reasons why I chose your country. I went to the Czech Republic with my AFS friends and now they live in other towns. I have the chance to live in the second biggest town in Czech Republic – in Brno. My host family is called Staňkovi. They are nice to me and I love them so much. I like traditional Czech food called ‘svíčková’ a somehow interesting combination of meat with sauce and whipped cream. I think Czech language is difficult for me. I hope I will learn it at least a bit in about three months and that I would be able to speak a lot of Czech words.

Somebody may be interested to know something about Thailand. My country is very hot and doesn’t have snow or Christmas trees. I celebrate Christmas time with my big family and we go somewhere. So it’s my first time in Czech that I will see snow. Sometimes I have a problem with something and I miss my family and friends from Thailand. But it’s not often because I’m happy to be here.