Cambridgské zkoušky nanečisto

Napsal uživatel jkrecek dne Čt, 03. 03. 2022 – 21:38

Chcete si vyzkoušet cambridgské zkoušky nanečisto? Pokud ano, začneme jednoduchým testem: pokud následujícímu textu rozumíte, víte, co dělat. Pokud nerozumíte… no, nechceme radit, ale možná by bylo dobré ještě trochu studovat angličtinu.

These will take place in our school on March 25! Anyone interested in doing the FCE or CAE in the next months is highly recommended to try out this full "dress rehearsal" of the exams first. You will see what your results look like without investing the full fee for the real exam. The cost is 500 Kč (with 300 Kč back if you take the real exam in the next 12 months). 

You can sign up at Scroll down to "Pretesty (zkoušky nanečisto)", click on either FCE or CAE, then find our school in the list, and click on it to register. The deadline is March 19. 

For more information, contact me at


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